Is the US government ready for the rise of artificial intelligence? | Robert Reich

AI could benefit society, but it could also become a monster. To guide the way, we need leadership and understanding

07 March 2023,

VisitDenmark brings iconic tourist attractions to life in AI-produced campaign

A new activation campaign from tourism organization VisitDenmark wants to put the land of “hygge” on the map as the antidote to bucket list tourism.

Paper suggests AI could lead armies of the future onto battlefields

Published in The US Army War College Quarterly: Parameters, a Monash University led-paper suggests teams of humans under the control, supervision or command of artificial intelligences are likely to beat teams of human-controlled robots on the battlefields of tomorrow.

06 March 2023,

Neuroscientist explores how ChatGPT mirrors its users to appear intelligent

The artificial intelligence (AI) language model ChatGPT has captured the world's attention in recent months. This trained computer chatbot can generate text, answer questions, provide translations, and learn based on the user's feedback. Large langua

06 March 2023,

What makes a neural network remember?

Computer models are an important tool for studying how the brain makes and stores memories and other types of complex information. But creating such models is a tricky business. Somehow, a symphony of signals—both biochemical and electrical—and a tangle of connections between neurons and other cell types creates the hardware for memories to take hold.

06 March 2023,

Q&A: Can we trust AI?

In the field of artificial intelligence, there are winters and there are springs—barren stretches followed by exhilarating bursts of innovation and funding. Right now, we find ourselves definitively in the midst of an AI spring, says Johns Hopkins engineer Rama Chellappa, a veteran of the industry for more than four decades.

06 March 2023,

Can a machine be racist? Artificial Intelligence has shown troubling signs of bias, but there are reasons for optimism

The rise of AI raises the complicated question of how we might guide it towards ethical and political ends.

06 March 2023,

AI could take your job, but it can also help you score a new one with these simple tips

It was once thought physical labor jobs would be the most at risk from the rise of artificial intelligence. But recent advances suggest we can expect disruption across a vast range of sectors, including knowledge-based industries.

06 March 2023,

Opinion | Was the Alex Murdaugh Guilty Verdict Too Hasty?

Readers discuss the speed with which a jury convicted Alex Murdaugh of murder. Also: Safeguards for A.I.; appreciating Joe Biden; loyalty programs.

06 March 2023,

Generative AI like ChatGPT reveal deep-seated systemic issues beyond the tech industry

ChatGPT has cast long shadows over the media as the latest form of disruptive technology. For some, ChatGPT is a harbinger of the end of academic and scientific integrity, and a threat to white collar jobs and our democratic institutions.

06 March 2023,

The dark side of Web3: How decentralization is fueling AI bias

Web3 solutions must become more mainstream and accessible to enable abundant, high-quality data to train AI models and reduce bias.

06 March 2023,

How do we manage the firehose of AI hype? | The AI Beat

The Friday AI hype firehose came right on schedule last week. Is there hope amid the AI hype? I found a few signs.

06 March 2023,

Large language models are biased. Can logic help save them?

Turns out, even language models "think" they're biased. When prompted in ChatGPT, the response was as follows: "Yes, language models can have biases, because the training data reflects the biases present in society from which that data was collected. For example, gender and racial biases are prevalent in many real-world datasets, and if a language model is trained on that, it can perpetuate and amplify these biases in its predictions.

06 March 2023,

LG NOVA puts startups in touch with tech giant’s resources

LG is one of the world's biggest tech companies, but it is making efforts to stay in touch with the innovations of startups with LG NOVA.

06 March 2023,

£370m plan launched to turn UK into ‘tech superpower’

The Prime Minister and Technology Secretary have unveiled the Government’s plan to cement the UK’s place as a science and technology superpower by 2030, alongside a raft of new measures backed by over £370 million to boost investment in innovation, bring the world’s best talent to the UK, and seize the potential of ground-breaking new technologies like AI.

Economic management scientists warn of industry's increasing dominance in AI research

A trio of economic management scientists, two with the Sloan School of Management at MIT and one with Virginia Tech, are warning of the consequences of industry dominance in AI research. In their Policy Forum piece published in the journal Science, Nur Ahmed, Muntasir Wahed and Neil Thompson outline the recent history of AI research efforts and why consumers should be concerned about the direction it is taking.

06 March 2023,

Microsoft wants generative AI to be a copilot for enterprise applications

Microsoft's new AI Copilot automates business app operations for CRM and ERP with text generation, sentiment analysis and workflow automation.

06 March 2023,

“Organoid Intelligence” – Revolutionary Biocomputers Powered by Human Brain Cells

Despite AI’s impressive track record, its computational power pales in comparison with a human brain. Now, scientists unveil a revolutionary path to drive computing forward: organoid intelligence, where lab-grown brain organoids act as biological hardware.

06 March 2023,

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