Engineers enlist AI to help scale up advanced solar cell manufacturing

Perovskites are a family of materials that are currently the leading contender to potentially replace today's silicon-based solar photovoltaics. They hold the promise of panels that are far thinner and lighter, that could be made with ultra-high throughput at room temperature instead of at hundreds of degrees, and that are cheaper and easier to transport and install.

13 April 2022,

Robots are learning to think like humans. Can they meet Amazon's demands for speed?

In a lab at the University of Washington, robots are playing air hockey.

13 April 2022,

U.S. and Ukrainian Groups Pierce Putin’s Propaganda Bubble

U.S.-backed news outlets and Ukrainian activists use Cold War techniques and high-tech tactics to get news about the war to Russians.

13 April 2022,

Here's why this tech CEO is focused on expanding diversity

Deon Nicholas feels a sense of personal responsibility to diversify tech companies and the industry. Here's what he's doing to support that goal and why it's important to him.

13 April 2022,

4 emerging tech cities for new graduates

Alongside the well-established technology centers, there are a growing number of emerging locations that are offering huge opportunities.

13 April 2022,

Developing countries are being left behind in the AI race—and that's a problem for all of us

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is much more than just a buzzword nowadays. It powers facial recognition in smartphones and computers, translation between foreign languages, systems which filter spam emails and identify toxic content on social media, and can even detect cancerous tumours.

13 April 2022,

Artificial intelligence facilitates better control of global development aid

A team of AI experts led by Stefan Feuerriegel, Head of LMU's Institute of Artificial Intelligence in Management, is injecting transparency into global development aid. The researchers have developed an artificial intelligence system that categorizes aid projects more comprehensively than it was possible up to now and facilitates better monitoring of these projects.

13 April 2022,

Robots are creating images and telling jokes: Five things to know about foundation models and the next generation of AI

If you've seen photos of a teapot shaped like an avocado or read a well-written article that veers off on slightly weird tangents, you may have been exposed to a new trend in artificial intelligence (AI).

13 April 2022,

New AI algorithms for cost-effective medical image diagnostics

Medical imaging is an important part of modern healthcare, enhancing both the precision, reliability and development of treatment for various diseases. Artificial intelligence has also been widely used to further enhance the process.

13 April 2022,

Lumafield will give engineers X-ray vision to see inside products

Lumafield has raised $32.5 million for an X-ray that will enable engineers to see inside the products that they designing or repairing.

13 April 2022,

After the IPO: IonQ takes on highly charged quantum computing challenge

By some measures, IonQ was late to the quantum computing race in 2019, when it first announced access to its platform via cloud partnerships, but if IonQ was later to enter the quantum computing race, it was early among quantum computing IPOs. 

13 April 2022,

Developing countries are being left behind in the AI race – and that's a problem for all of us

While the developed world is making rapid technological progress, the developing world is underrepresented in the AI revolution.

13 April 2022,

Zapped: The grid is on life support. Can AI fix it?

Everything you wanted to know about our fragile, ageing, and increasingly unreliable grid (and how AI may be our only hope).

13 April 2022,

Robots are creating images and telling jokes. 5 things to know about foundation models and the next generation of AI

New software that can generate images and text on command may deliver ‘good enough’ creativity in advertising, copywriting, stock imagery and graphic design.

13 April 2022,

Bosch ramps up automated vehicle efforts with Five acquisition

The move will bolster Bosch's presence in the autonomous vehicle market.

13 April 2022,

AI strips out city noise to improve earthquake monitoring systems

The sounds of cities can make it hard to discern the underground signals that indicate an earthquake is happening, but deep learning algorithms could filter out this noise

13 April 2022,

How to compete with robots

Rboticists and economists have developed a method for estimating the probability of jobs being automated by future intelligent robots and suggesting career transitions with lower risks and minimal retraining effort.

13 April 2022, raises $8M to streamline ML model development

Polish startup today raised $8 million in a series A round of funding led by Almaz Capital.

12 April 2022,

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