Why are gas prices so high? These obscure traders are partly to blame

‘Nobody with power is looking at what they’re doing,’ but they’re helping to drive searing gas prices despite increased oil production

28 April 2022, theguardian.com

Baidu and Pony.ai each score permits to operate driverless taxi service in Beijing

Now the general public will be able to experience what it's like to ride in a fully automated self-driving taxi.

28 April 2022, zdnet.com

How AI can close gaps in cybersecurity tech stacks

Using AI and machine learning brings greater intelligence to endpoint and patch management and improves risk-based vulnerability assessments.

28 April 2022, venturebeat.com

From blurry to bright: AI tech helps researchers peer into the brains of mice

Biomedical engineers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) training strategy to capture images of mouse brain cells in action. The researchers say the AI system, in concert with specialized ultra-small microscopes, make it possible to find precisely where and when cells are activated during movement, learning and memory.

28 April 2022, sciencedaily.com

Why you should be using AI for hiring

Advanced AI allows researchers to parse and score unstructured data such as resumes, typed responses, and interviews, and it’s game changing. 

27 April 2022, venturebeat.com

How AI-driven company Oculeus helps telecom service providers better combat fraud

Oculeus claims its solutions use AI to help its customers better manage and protect their business and network operations.

27 April 2022, venturebeat.com

HPE releases ML development system to help companies deploy AI at scale

HPE today released a new Machine Learning Development System. The ready-to-use system allows users to immediately build and train AI models at scale and realize faster value.

27 April 2022, venturebeat.com

Lighting up artificial neural networks with optomemristors

A team of international scientists have performed difficult machine learning computations using a nano-scale device, named an "optomemristor."

27 April 2022, techxplore.com

How green tech can help the U.S. gain traction on climate change

The United States is moving backward on efforts to mitigate climate change, according to a report released earlier this year. Will the SEC's proposed regulations and adoption of green tech among enterprises help?

27 April 2022, venturebeat.com

Four times more male characters in literature than female, research suggests

A study by University of Southern California’s Viterbi School of Engineering used AI to measure pronoun use, uncovering a huge disparity in gender frequency

27 April 2022, theguardian.com

New deep learning techniques lead to materials imaging breakthrough

Supercomputers help researchers study the causes and effects—usually in that order—of complex phenomena. However, scientists occasionally need to deduce the origins of scientific phenomena based on observable results. These so-called inverse problems are notoriously difficult to solve, especially when the amount of data that must be analyzed outgrows traditional machine-learning tools.

27 April 2022, techxplore.com

Arize introduces AI bias tracing to pinpoint and address causes

Arize has introduced a new tool for identifying the root cause of AI bias in machine learning pipelines.

27 April 2022, venturebeat.com

FAA is giving commercial drone operators the green light

While rulemaking continues, the FAA is busy granting waivers to American drone operators.

27 April 2022, zdnet.com

Automation is at the heart of digital business transformation

Automation will be a fundamental driving force for accelerating digital business transformation and growth. Automation will also play a key role in a hybrid and connected work environment.

27 April 2022, zdnet.com

Which Animal Viruses Could Infect People? Computers Are Racing to Find Out.

Machine learning is known for its ability to spot fraudulent credit charges or recognize faces. Now researchers are siccing the technology on viruses.

27 April 2022, nytimes.com

UAE vows 'responsible' artificial intelligence rollout

The world's first minister for artificial intelligence says the United Arab Emirates isn't only looking for economic benefits as it seeks to become a leading nation in the sector.

27 April 2022, techxplore.com

How the metaverse could remake manufacturing

The metaverse promises to bring customers into the product design cycle, making manufacturing more responsive and democratic.

26 April 2022, venturebeat.com

How enterprise device management platform, Radix, will revamp corporate training

Enterprise mobility management provider, Radix, is helping organizations stay ahead of challenges with its device management solutions that consolidate all devices, work processes and stakeholders in one management platform.

26 April 2022, venturebeat.com

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