Finding AI’s low-hanging fruit

In some circles, the idea of going smaller with AI is catching on. Instead of a complete forklift upgrade across the entire business process, it’s better to do the easy stuff first.

16 May 2022,

A guide for developing mathematical models of large-scale complex dynamic networks

Karthik Raghavan Ramaswamy defended his Ph.D. with cum laude (honors) on developing novel data-driven modeling tools and techniques to improve insight into complex networked systems, such as hi-tech machines, power grids, biological networks and social networks.

16 May 2022,

Inscribes battles fraud with AI-powered detection and automation tools

Today every $1 in fraud loss costs U.S. financial services firms $4, according to LexisNexis Risk Solutions. Synthetic identity fraud, when fraudsters create identities not associated with real people, resulted in an estimated $20 billion in losses for U.

16 May 2022,

Crippling AI cyberattacks are inevitable: 4 ways companies can prepare

As enterprise companies battle a growing number of major security breaches, they need to prepare for increasingly sophisticated AI-driven cybercrimes.

16 May 2022,

A weakly supervised machine learning model to extract features from microscopy images

Deep learning models have proved to be highly promising tools for analyzing large numbers of images. Over the past decade or so, they have thus been introduced in a variety of settings, including research laboratories.

16 May 2022,

Electronic skin: Physicist develops multisensory hybrid material

Recently developed 'smart skin' is very similar to human skin. It senses pressure, humidity and temperature simultaneously and produces electronic signals. More sensitive robots or more intelligent prostheses are thus conceivable.

16 May 2022,

Bill Gates: ‘Vaccines are a miracle. It’s mind-blowing somebody could say the opposite’

The Microsoft co-founder takes questions from scientists, academics and readers on Ukraine, Covid, Jeffrey Epstein and more

15 May 2022,

The problem with self-driving cars

The question was never about automating driving. The question is about how to transform the transit experience.

14 May 2022,

Can we create a moral metaverse?

In the increasingly lifelike worlds of VR, high numbers of users are experiencing hate speech and sexual harassment. How should these lawless spaces be governed?

14 May 2022,

DeepMind's 'Gato' is mediocre, so why did they build it?

DeepMind's program is a generalist, to test the notion that over time, greater computing power will win in AI.

14 May 2022,

Report: 5 key trends for AI’s future

Tech leaders must harness these emerging AI trends to democratize and foster AI's responsible use and exploit its generative powers.

13 May 2022,

AI Weekly: AI tools for hiring under scrutiny; Clearview AI settlement reaction

It was a big week in AI news: AI tools for hiring are facing new regulation by the Biden Administration, while experts react to Clearview AI settlement.

13 May 2022,

Rain nabs $11M to build voice products

Rain, a marketing agency building custom voice experiences for brands, has raised $11 million in venture capital.

13 May 2022,

An algorithm trained to detect unhappiness on social networks

Researchers have developed an algorithm that can identify the basic needs of users from the text and images they share on social networks. The experts hope this tool will help psychologists to diagnose possible mental health problems. The study suggests that Spanish-speaking users are more likely to mention relationship problems when feeling depressed than English speakers.

13 May 2022,

An Optimist at the Helm of IBM

Arvind Krishna is trying to stay in touch with the company’s roots as he confronts today’s challenges.

13 May 2022,

Nuance partners with The Academy to launch The AI Collaborative

Nuance has partnered with The Health Management Academy (The Academy) to launch The AI Collaborative, an industry group focused on advancing healthcare using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Increasing the life of cutting tools through transferable AI, reducing process costs

Two factors influence the production costs of a machined component: The volume of material removed over time and tool wear. In order to reliably predict the state of wear and thus optimize cutting processes, researchers at Technische Universität Kaiserslautern (TUK) are developing a process supported by artificial intelligence (AI).

13 May 2022, CEO says conversational AI is the foundation of the metaverse, a Florida-based company focused on providing enterprises with AI-first virtual assistants, wants to take conversational intelligence into the metaverse.

13 May 2022,

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