A New ‘M*A*S*H’ Scene: Written by ChatGPT, Read by Hawkeye and B.J.

Alan Alda, the star of the long-running sitcom, asked the artificial intelligence software to create a script for him and his former co-star Mike Farrell to read.

07 March 2023, nytimes.com

AI- or human-written language? Assumptions mislead

Human assumptions regarding language usage can lead to flawed judgments of whether language was AI- or human-generated, Cornell Tech and Stanford researchers have found in a series of experiments.

07 March 2023, techxplore.com

Soci raises $120 million to boost AI for digital marketing

Soci has raised $120 million to power its AI tools to help brands ensure consistent localized digital marketing efforts.

07 March 2023, venturebeat.com

Novel method to generate virtual surface morphology of Ti-6Al-4V parts

A recent study, jointly led by Professor Im Doo Jung in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UNIST and Professor Hyokyung Sung from Kookmin University proposed a novel method with artificial intelligence (AI) to generate virtual surface morphology of Ti-6Al-4V parts by given process parameters.

07 March 2023, techxplore.com

Google gives progress report on its Universal Speech Model

In November, Google announced that it was embarking on an initiative that would culminate in the development of a machine-learning model capable of recognizing and translating 1,000 of the world's most spoken languages. Over the past several months, the company has been working toward that goal and has published a blog entry by members of the team working on the project.

07 March 2023, techxplore.com

Two types of dataset poisoning attacks that can corrupt AI system results

A team of computer science researchers with members from Google, ETH Zurich, NVIDIA and Robust Intelligence, is highlighting two kinds of dataset poisoning attacks that could be used by bad actors to corrupt AI system results. The group has written a paper outlining the kinds of attacks that they have identified and have posted it on the arXiv preprint server.

07 March 2023, techxplore.com

Chinese team creates vocal cords on a chip

Most of us take our voices for granted. But if we sing too long at a wild party, scream for our team at a sports event or suffer a bout of laryngitis due to a cold, we quickly learn how inconvenient it is to wake up the next day and realize we've lost our voice.

07 March 2023, techxplore.com

Nvidia GTC attendees get an exclusive look at Microsoft’s AI tech

Add these Microsoft sessions at GTC to your conference schedule to learn about the latest Azure AI infrastructure and use cases.

07 March 2023, venturebeat.com

Can a machine be racist? AI has shown troubling signs of bias, but there are reasons for optimism

One day in mid-2013, four people, including two police officers and a social worker, arrived unannounced at the home of Chicago resident Robert McDaniel.

07 March 2023, techxplore.com

Mirror and Express owner publishes first articles written using AI

Chief executive says journalists should not fear being replaced by machines

07 March 2023, theguardian.com

Databricks makes building real-time ML apps easier with new service

Databricks today launched serverless real-time inference to make building and deploying real-time ML apps easier for enterprises.

07 March 2023, venturebeat.com

A new inference attack that could enable access to sensitive user data

As the use of machine learning (ML) algorithms continues to grow, computer scientists worldwide are constantly trying to identify and address ways in which these algorithms could be used maliciously or inappropriately. Due to their advanced data analysis capabilities, in fact, ML approaches have the potential to enable third parties to access private data or carry out cyberattacks quickly and effectively.

07 March 2023, techxplore.com

Unlocking unexpected new AI use cases with the Connected Intelligent Edge

Device hardware has now become sophisticated enough to make good on the full promise of AI, brining it all the way to the edge.

07 March 2023, venturebeat.com

Einstein AI was good, but Salesforce claims Einstein GPT is even better

Salesforce announced a new partnership with OpenAI, alongside the launch of the Einstein GPT generative AI service.

07 March 2023, venturebeat.com

Will Meta’s massive leak democratise AI – and at what cost?

4Chan users have posted the tech giant’s new ChatGPT-style language model online, putting the future of AI at a crossroads – and opening up a whole host of dangers

07 March 2023, theguardian.com

Is the US government ready for the rise of artificial intelligence? | Robert Reich

AI could benefit society, but it could also become a monster. To guide the way, we need leadership and understanding

07 March 2023, theguardian.com

VisitDenmark brings iconic tourist attractions to life in AI-produced campaign

A new activation campaign from tourism organization VisitDenmark wants to put the land of “hygge” on the map as the antidote to bucket list tourism.

Paper suggests AI could lead armies of the future onto battlefields

Published in The US Army War College Quarterly: Parameters, a Monash University led-paper suggests teams of humans under the control, supervision or command of artificial intelligences are likely to beat teams of human-controlled robots on the battlefields of tomorrow.

06 March 2023, techxplore.com

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