Faster computing results without fear of errors

A new technique can dramatically accelerate programs known as shell scripts, through a process called parallelization, while ensuring the programs return accurate results.

08 June 2022,

Merging physical domain knowledge with AI improves prediction accuracy of battery capacity

Recently, electric vehicles (EVs) are seen everywhere, from passenger cars to buses to taxis. EVs have the advantage of being eco-friendly and having low maintenance costs, but their owners must remain wary of fatal accidents in case the battery runs out or reaches the end of its life.

07 June 2022,

Axon’s AI ethics board resign after TASER drone announcement

The majority of Axon’s AI ethics board have resigned after the company announced that it’s developing taser-equipped drones.

A chip that can classify nearly 2 billion images per second

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays an important role in many systems, from predictive text to medical diagnoses. Inspired by the human brain, many AI systems are implemented based on artificial neural networks, where electrical equivalents of biological neurons are interconnected, trained with a set of known data, such as images, and then used to recognize or classify new data points.

07 June 2022,

Do AI systems really have their own secret language?

A new generation of artificial intelligence (AI) models can produce "creative" images on-demand based on a text prompt. The likes of Imagen, MidJourney, and DALL-E 2 are beginning to change the way creative content is made with implications for copyright and intellectual property.

07 June 2022,

A machine-learning method hallucinates its way to better text translation

As babies, we babble and imitate our way to learning languages. We don't start off reading raw text, which requires fundamental knowledge and understanding about the world, as well as the advanced ability to interpret and infer descriptions and relationships.

06 June 2022,

Aerial and ground-based technology integration leads to improvement in forest inventory and management

Through integration of aerial and ground-based mobile mapping sensors and systems, a team of Purdue digital forestry researchers has used advanced technology to locate, count and measure over a thousand trees in a matter of hours.

06 June 2022,

Do AI systems really have their own secret language?

‘Vicootes’, ‘wa ch zod rea’ and other strings of gibberish seem to have special meanings to state-of-the-art AI models. What’s going on here?

06 June 2022,

AI and deepfakes present new risks for internet relationships

People looking for genuine relationships via the internet will need to become a lot more savvy about new technologies which expose them to romance fraud at an "entirely new level of risk," warns QUT internet fraud researcher Associate Professor Cassandra Cross.

06 June 2022,

New robotics image processing tools to automate aircraft surface preparation

During the Automate 2022 trade show on June 6-9 in Detroit, Southwest Research Institute is introducing new automation technology that allows industrial robots to visually classify work and autonomously perform tasks.

06 June 2022,

IBM’s AI-powered Mayflower ship crosses the Atlantic

A groundbreaking AI-powered ship designed by IBM has successfully crossed the Atlantic, albeit not quite as planned.

How sports clubs achieve a slam dunk in loyalty with data

The way we watch, engage, and interact with our favourite sports clubs is undergoing a seismic shift. Recent UK research suggests that data will now have a more important role in fan engagement than ever before. In this article, we take a closer look at what this means for sports clubs serious about future-proofing their strategy to attract and retain loyal fans.

The signature of taste: New technology for the food and beverage industry

Blending whiskies from different casks is an art in itself. Whisky blenders are luminaries of their guild. Just as painters mix colors to capture mood on canvas, the experts in distilleries combine flavors to create "liquid gold." They follow their intuition, which is based on experience and a keen sense of taste and smell.

06 June 2022,

Neuroscientist explains differences between AI and human learning

Recently developed artificial intelligence (AI) models are capable of many impressive feats, including recognizing images and producing human-like language. But just because AI can perform human-like behaviors doesn't mean it can think or understand like humans.

06 June 2022,

We're told AI neural networks 'learn' the way humans do. A neuroscientist explains why that's not the case.

We’ve seen AI systems writing texts that are indistinguishable from human texts. Some are even rendering impressive 3D artworks from short text inputs. But it doesn’t mean they can ‘think’ like us.

06 June 2022,

Making Traffic Jams a Thing of the Past – AI Traffic Light System Could Drastically Reduce Congestion

A new artificial intelligence system reads live camera footage and adapts the lights to compensate In 2014, Americans spent 6.9 billion hours trapped in traffic. During traffic jams, the average commuter used an extra 19 gallons of gas. This amounts to $160 billion in lost time and fuel each year.

06 June 2022,

AI translates maths problems into code to make them easier to solve

An artificial intelligence that can turn mathematical concepts written in English into a formal proving language for computers could make problems easier for other AIs to solve

06 June 2022,

Listening to asthma and COPD: An AI-powered wearable could monitor respiratory health

Researchers are developing an AI-powered device to detect asthma and COPD symptoms in real-time for faster treatment. The ‘patch’ listens to airway sounds, but filters out speech to protect privacy.

05 June 2022,

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