Amazon iRobot play takes ambient intelligence efforts to next level

Many believe Amazon’s vision of moving toward ambient intelligence is at the heart of its iRobot acquisition.

09 August 2022,

Nvidia launches new metaverse efforts at SIGGRAPH

Nvidia just announced a series of technology innovations that bring the metaverse and AI closer together than ever before.

09 August 2022,

Iterable optimizes AI to hyper-personalize marketing and predict future purchases

Iterable has a new AI Optimization Suite, with Predictive Goals and Explainable AI, to drive hyper-personalized brand-consumer communication.

09 August 2022,

Face-recognition software that lifts the veil

Face-recognition technology is advancing apace and has applications in security and biometrics, marketing, education, criminal investigation, and many other areas. It can now not only recognize the person but can ascertain the expression on their face.

09 August 2022,

NNAISENSE announces release of EvoTorch, an open-source evolutionary algorithm library

AI vendor NNAISENSE today announced the formal release of its EvoTorch open-source evolutionary algorithm technology.

09 August 2022,

AI pilot can navigate crowded airspace

Researchers have developed an AI pilot that enables autonomous aircraft to navigate a crowded airspace. The artificial intelligence can safely avoid collisions, predict the intent of other aircraft, track aircraft and coordinate with their actions, and communicate over the radio with pilots and air traffic controllers.

09 August 2022,

Robot helps reveal how ants pass on knowledge

Scientists have developed a small robot to understand how ants teach one another.

09 August 2022,

How digital twins are transforming network infrastructure: Future state (part 2)

Future digital twins are expected to be more involved in performance, security, compliance and provisioning for wireless networks and more.

08 August 2022,

An AI pilot may be able to navigate crowded airspace

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University believe they have developed the first AI pilot that enables autonomous aircraft to navigate a crowded airspace.

08 August 2022,

AI regulation: A state-by-state roundup of AI bills

Wondering where AI regulation stands in your state? Check out this roundup of AI-related bills at the state and local level.

08 August 2022,

Future of work: Beyond bossware and job-killing robots

To encourage a human-centered workplace, we must rethink AI-driven automation, bossware, labor taxes and corporate R&D.

08 August 2022,

Artificial intelligence (AI) vs. machine learning (ML): Key comparisons

In this article, we discuss artificial intelligence, machine learning and their applications. We also explore some of their key similarities and differences.

08 August 2022,

In-field citrus fruit detection and tracking based on deep learning

Recently, an article published in Horticulture Research proposed an in-field fruit counting method based on deep learning. The experiment was performed in two orange orchards in Meishan city in the Sichuan Province of China. The methods included the fruit detection algorithm OrangeYolo and the fruit tracking algorithm OrangeSort, which effectively enhanced the accuracy of citrus fruit counting.

08 August 2022,

US federal court upholds ruling that AIs cannot patent inventions

Dr Stephen Thaler’s battle to give AIs the right to patent inventions continues to stumble.

How to unlock enterprise knowledge for real-world ROI

Learn the real-world ROI of an intelligent knowledge platform, use cases from successful organizations, and more.

08 August 2022,

Neural networks being used to improve the performance of high-power wind turbines

Research at the Vitoria-Gasteiz Faculty of Engineering of the UPV/EHU has used convolutional neural networks to predict airflow characteristics in the aerodynamic profiles of high-power wind turbines, and has shown that flow control devices can be studied using these neural networks, with tolerable errors and a reduction in computational time of four orders of magnitude.

08 August 2022,

Why Amazon’s “dead grandma” Alexa is just the beginning for voice cloning

The evolution of text to speech technology is bringing us closer to convincingly human-sounding voices.

08 August 2022,

Siri or Skynet? How to separate AI fact from fiction

Determining the way artificial intelligence is used and governed will be one of the century’s key political battlegrounds. Here’s what everyone needs to know

07 August 2022,

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